What is Roy Pitz all about?

It's about friendship and passion. Jesse and Ryan were born and raised in Chambersburg, PA and became friends in grade school The older the two got, the more the discussion came back to one thing - brewing beer. As the two were exposed to more and more types of microbrews, the interest became even greater because no longer was "Big Three" macrobrewery beer satisfying enough. Eventually, homebrewing became not only an obsession, but an almost weekly exercise in success and failure. Both successes and failures were equally as important as valuable feedback from friends and family pushed them even more.

The two kept experimenting and refining recipes in college at West Chester University. In their sophomore year, the 1st Annual Roy Pitz Social at Christmas, introducing Honest Ale, was held. It was truly a nerve-wracking experience - but much to the brewnamic duo's delight - was a huge success and was the impetus for where they are today.


The duo first got their appreciation and experience for craft beer while working at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA and a year later while working and brewing for Twin Lakes Brewing Company where they studied under brew master Mark Fesche. Having then graduated with business degrees from West Chester University, they attended the Brewing School in Chicago at the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology. After graduating from Siebel with an Associates Degree in Brewing Science, Ryan went on to study at the Doemens Institute in Germany. The classes increased the in-depth knowledge by getting hands-on brewing experience with German brewmasters. Additionally, a 2 1/2 week study tour throughout Europe touring breweries, equipment manufacturers and ingredient suppliers was invaluable. Ryan graduated with an International Degree in Brewing Science and returned back to Chambersburg to get started with Jesse on the business of Roy Pitz.

Where we are today

Brewmasters Starting this brewery has always been a dream for both of us, and we could have never even attempted it with out the support from our loving friends and family. As more friends continue to join the Roy Pitz team, we hope you do as well, because we are always looking for help, ideas, and suggestions. Remember, it is now we truly need your support because it is you give us the ideas and inspiration to make the best beer possible for all of us to enjoy.