Summer is a time for new and old friends to enjoy new and old time favorites at Roy-Pitz

Summer is officially here at Roy-Pitz and always begins with the release of our Summer Seasonal, Lovitz Watermelon Lager! This year boasts even more fresh watermelon to the brew, making it more magical and delicious then ever before! Check out some shots of the serious work that goes into making this brew and don't miss the release of bottles and draft on Tuesday, May 2nd!

Fresh watermelons arriving early on our brew day

Fresh watermelons arriving early on our brew day

Khoi and Gus slicing some fresh watermelon for the brew

Khoi and Gus slicing some fresh watermelon for the brew

But before we get to excited about the return of Lovitz Lager, we have also been super busy collaborating and coming up with a brand new recipe for The Liquid Art Series called Das Pretzel Gose! 300 lbs of freshly baked pretzels' from York City Pretzel went into this brew with the malted barley from Germany. Golden Pale in color, this kettle soured German style ale has flavors and aromas emerge of white grape and fruit followed by a refreshing tartness and a salted pretzel finish. Wash the pretzel down with this refreshing, salted tart ale! Don't miss the release of the beer on Wednesday, May 3rd on tap and in 22 oz. bomber bottles later in the week. 

Pretzel and Beer...really what is better?

Pretzel and Beer...really what is better?

Berto getting the sourdough pretzels ready for the mash tun

Berto getting the sourdough pretzels ready for the mash tun

In other new beer news, we are bringing back an old time favorite at Roy-Pitz, The Falling Spring Lager. This German Style Helles Lager is golden to straw in color and has aromas and flavors of fresh bread, biscuits and cornmeal. The clean easy going lager is full bodied with a creamy texture and crisp finish. Named after the beautiful natural spring that runs through downtown Chambersburg and right by Roy-Pitz Brewing Co.

Picture of The Original Falling Spring used for the label

Picture of The Original Falling Spring used for the label

Finally, Doc's Pale Ale will return to The Liquid Art series and will be released Monday, May 8th. This pale ale boasts big aromatics of fruit and dank citrus. Doc's is named after the late, great, Dr. Richards Senior who has been a huge inspiration and mentor to Roy-Pitz Brewery Co. and the Franklin County Community since he arrived as the first Orthopedic Surgeon in Franklin County back in 1953. He is greatly missed by all but his legacy lives on with his practice, Richards Orthopedic Center and Sports Medicine and this delicious pale ale which was his favorite.  

Doc Richards with grandson Roy and wife Sarah

Doc Richards with grandson Roy and wife Sarah

Honey Season

Every bear seeks out a bee hive full of honey after its hibernation, but not every bear finds the jackpot.  Don't be that bear!  Come to Roy-Pitz - we've got you covered.  We are on the brink of releasing two of our favorite honey beers, our spring seasonal Honey Sucker Pilsner and our Liquid Art Two Timing Dutch Honey Double IPA.  Check out some of our photos to bring these amazing honey beers to life.  

Brewer Chris mashing in for Dutch Double Honey DIPA

One thing we have to do with the honey is get it prepared for brewing.  Sometimes we add honey to the fermentation vessel and sometimes we add it directly to the boiling kettle.  Either way we need to get it sterile so that only brewers yeast can turn the honey into CO2 and alcohol.  The weapon of choice for us is always HEAT.  

Cooking honey and water to sanitize everything and get it ready for fermentation. 

Orange Blossom Honey being added to our cooker.  

For Dutch Double Honey DIPA we go another step past the honey addition.  After this beer has been mashed, boiled, fermented and honey added we dry hop the heck out of it.  Dry hopping is the process of aging/adding hops to a finished beer.  This adds that dank hop aroma and flavor that American IPA's have become famous for.  Our process takes about 10 hours to fill the hop torpedo with American hops and then circulate the beer through the hop back for hours on end.  During this process the beer turns green and absorbs hop oils and acids.

Dry Hop Torpedo; clean and ready to be loaded with hops.

Spent hops!!!  After Berto dry hopped the Dutch Double.  The aroma is intense.

Lastly it's time for us to package the beer and get it to YOU the customer.  Today we ran around 3,000 bottles of Honey Sucker through our bottling line and hand packaged them in our 6 packs and cases.  It does sound like a lot of bottles but they will go fast.  These bottles can be found at your local beer distributor or as always available at the Stube.  Dutch Honey can be found on draft or in 22 oz bombers at the Stube begining February 24th.  Cheers.

Tower and Honey Sucker.  Come grab your own 6 pack and take it home.

First bottle and full glass off of the bottling line.

Two Timing bottles prepared for filling.

Dunkel Dog - Pro Brewer for a Day

Dunkel Dog - Pro Brewer for a Day

Roy-Pitz in conjunction with our friends at Good-Ta-Go in Chambersburg held a home brew competition in February. The prize for best in show was a chance for the home brewers to join the Roy-Pitz team for a day and produce a 10bbl batch that would be showcased on tap at the The Stube and Good-Ta-Go.

Chris Hallam and Greg Runkles got their time in the brewhouse in November and their brew, Dunkel Dog Dry Hopped Amber Ale is now available on tap. 

Thanks To Chris and Greg for pursuing their art and joining in the Liquid Art process with us. Check out their recap of the brew day with us in their video.

Sign ups for the 2nd Annual Cham-Beers-Burg Homebrew Competition are open now and aspiring brewers can apply in person at the brewery or at Good-Ta-Go.

Thanks again to Chris & Greg for sharing their art and passion for home brewing!

Greg Runkles and Chris Hallam

Greg Runkles and Chris Hallam

Liquid Art Release - Farmer’s Maple Breakfast Stout

Liquid Art Release - Farmer’s Maple Breakfast Stout

Farmer’s Maple Breakfast Stout: (Nitro Breakfast Coffee Stout) (8% ABV)

The farmer’s stout is designed to taste like a country breakfast. This stout is black as night with a rich off white head. Flavors and aromas emerge of roasted coffee, smoked red fruits, caramelized brown sugar, sugar coated nuts and maple syrup. An espresso blend from Denim Coffee Roasters, maple wood smoked malts, and roasted barley oats round out the finish. 

This is the first release in our Liquid Art Series for 2017. It's also the first of many collaboration with other local purveyors.  The Farmer's Stout features an espresso blend coffee infusion from our friends at Denim Coffee Roasters in Carlisle, PA.

The Farmer's Maple Breakfast Stout is available now.  22 oz. bombers will be available on a limited supply.

Happy Thanksgiving from RPBC

Roy-Pitz Brewing Co. wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have our Fall seasonal Gobbler Lager on tap at the Stube and for sale in 6pks and cases.  We've been testing it out with our friends and even had a pint with a real live gobbler.  

Drinking some Gobbler Lager with our friends

This year we did something new with our spent grain that was used to brew our Gobbler Lager.  We're making doggy treats!  Now your hound can enjoy the same flavors and raw ingredients that's used to make your beer.  Come check out "Hair of the Dog" treats made from spent Gobbler grain, eggs/eggshells and flour.  Thanks Chef Sock for pioneering this tasty treat.  

Drive safe this holiday from the crew at RPBC.

Chris hauling some Gobbler Lager spent grain.

Doggy Treats made from spent Gobbler grain.

Spent grain treats for sale at the Stube.

That's a lot of local HOPS

The Roy-Pitz crew has been searching high and low for some of the best locally grown hops.  We were amazed at the quality of hops that South Central PA can provide including varieties like Zeus, Columbus and Cascade.  We would like to thank the farmers and planters out there and in particular Brad Whitsel of Siloam Seasons; an absolutely beautiful property that can be used for weddings, parties, disc golf and of course growing hops. Also a shout out in Greencastle to Albert Edward Hops.  These guys have the best Zeus hops around and also have an innovative drying system to lower the moisture in hops and get them prepared for brewing.  The harvest of these local hops mark the time of the year when we come out with a very unique beer called The Black Spot Lager.  This German style dark and hoppy lager crosses the boundaries of several different styles of beers.  It's grain gives it a dark roasted malt backbone but has a beautiful clean lager finish.  This beer is also abnormally hopped with local wet hops and then dry hopped in our hop back.  Black Spot will be available on tap at the Beer Stube this Friday so come give it a try and let the farmers and brewers know what you think!  Here's some of the pictures at the different hop farms.  Check them out.

Roy, Chris and Khoi.  Boxtruck, Latter and Standing.  @ Brad Whitsel; Siloam Seasons

Chris and Roy finding some good hop cones.

Siloam Seasons.

Sun beaming in on the hops

Regular hop cone vs. Khoi's monster hop cone that he found.  He caught the biggest fish that day.

Albert Edward Hops.  These are Zeus Hops

Stefan has mastered the art of the hop trellis

Drying Station.  Lowering the moisture content of hops

Drying the cones off to prevent any mold from growing.  They smell great.

Local hops in the kettle.  They will be boiled in here for 60 minutes to extract the oils and acids locked inside the hop cone.

Why I am joining Roy Pitz

After 10 years in the advertising industry, today marks my first day as a full time employee with Roy-Pitz. It's hardly my first experience with RPBC though, I've spent the last 8 years working closely with my childhood friends in making this dream a reality, but now I can finally count myself amongst the friends and family that makes this company great. I've watched as Ryan and Jesse, combined with the collective power of an insanely talented group of individuals, turned a passion and a dream into a company to be proud of.

I'm excited to join this team in the day to day challenge of taking this company to the next level and do so in a brand built in my hometown. The brand, the stories, the product and the mission of Roy-Pitz all have an incredible amount of headway and there are a ton of new and exciting things on the horizon (um, yeah get excited) that I'm looking forward to helping bring to fruition.  It's a privilege to work with a product and brand as amazing as the Liquid Art of Roy-Pitz, and be able to connect directly to a customer base as passionate and loyal as the fans of Roy-Pitz are.

As we look forward to all the things to come, I started to take a look back at some of the places we've been.

To Roy-Pitz!


Some of the original website designs we did, dating back to 2008.

Writing the business plan, hanging in Chicago, January 2007.

Writing the business plan, hanging in Chicago, January 2007.

A Christmas Social, soliciting investors probably, in the days before it was a reality.

A Christmas Social, soliciting investors probably, in the days before it was a reality.

I remember this tough guy photo shoot with Ryan & Jesse when we first got the Sabco, the piece of equipment that launched Roy-Pitz.

I remember this tough guy photo shoot with Ryan & Jesse when we first got the Sabco, the piece of equipment that launched Roy-Pitz.


Mind your Melons

Some great beers are being created as you're reading this; slowly going through fermentation and converting simple sugars into complex flavors and alcohol.  We're really excited this year to already have Mind Your P's and Q's packaged and available to the public and also to be brewing the one and only Lovitz Watermelon Lager.  Mind Your P's and Q's is brewed with Trappist ale yeast that comes from a monastery in Belgium and hops that we get from our good buddies over at Troegs Brewing Co.  These Saaz hops are the freshest and most traditional that Czech Republic has to offer lending a beer that is crisp, hoppy, refreshing, fruity and dry all at the same time.  This 7.5% abv beer is available at the Stube on draft and in 22oz. bomber bottles.  Come and get em.

Mind Your P's & Q's 22 oz. Bombers! Come and get them at the Stube.

Every year when we start brewing the Lovitz Watermelon Lager we always search high and low for melon cutting volunteers.  This year we've been able to capture Sarah Bay, Andrew Jones, Nate Richards and a few more.  There's plenty more to be sliced this year as we are just getting started.  We hand cut and puree A LOT of watermelon for every batch of beer and this year is no exception!  This beer will condition in our lagering tanks for a couple more weeks and then it's all yours.

Honest John helping organize some melons

This is the puree we create by hand

Watermelon puree added to the kettle!

And what's a brewers blog without a short video.  Here we are bringing the melon into the brewery.  This is a little behind the scenes action before the melons are added to the beer!

BeerFests and Spring Beers

Liquid Art barrel light made by Honest Nate Richards

Hello everyone.  Well the beer festivals have officially begun.  The past two weeks Roy-Pitz has been hitting Philadelphia pretty hard.  We had a great time pouring at the World Cafe Live where brewer Chris was joined by long time friends Dwight Swaney and Nik Golden.  The live music was amazing (especially the Radiohead cover) as we poured bottles of Sour Hound, Daddy Fat Sacks and Laydown Stay Down.  Stockertown Beverage was also helping out pouring and volunteering.  The next week was followed by the German Society BierFest.  There was a ton of traditional German lagers and ales and as many soft pretzels as you could eat.  The Philadelphia Roller Girls were arm wrestling people on stage and rocking out to German music.  It's always a good time there.

German Society BeerFest.  German beers and arm wrestling

Waney, Chris, Coti and Otl pouring at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia

Case, Steven and Chris pouring at German Society, Philadelphia

This weekend catch brewers Chris and Roy at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  Sean Glines from Prime Stache will also be hanging out spreading the love of beer.  We will be pouring Underground Safety Stout, our imperial stout from our Liquid Art series, Sour Hound, and Honey Sucker Pilsner.  Here's some pictures of HoneySucker during the brewing process.  Check out Berto cooking up a sugary honey slurry; this later is added to fermentation once it's cooled and sterilized.  Most of the sugar gets fermented into alcohol but a beautiful honey aroma and flavor are still present.  

Honey Sucker Pils fresh out of a new case

Berto cooking up Orange Blossom Honey

Some HOT honey

And finally what would a brewers blog be like without an awesome Roy-Pitz Brewing Co. video.  This was shot a couple of weeks ago as Roy and Berto are busy bottling up Daddy Fat Sacks.  

Uploaded by Roy Pitz Brewing Company on 2016-03-02.

Quick Video and Beer Update

Recently we have been brewing up some new and unique beers.  Here's some pictures and a quick video; even though the video has nothing to do with the beers it still involves a Sour Hound.  Right now we are working on one of our biggest beers ever; the Underground Safety Stout, an Imperial Stout made with all English barley and brown sugar.  Coming in at 10.5% abv this big beer will definitely warm you up and protect you from the winter weather.  We've also brewed our first two batches of Honey Sucker Pilsner and are currently letting them mature in our conditioning tanks.  It's tasting great and will be ready for Spring.  

Roy and brewery hound Barley having a catch

Grain in the Mash

Cooking some honey

Spent grain from Underground Safety Stout

Brewer Chris sampling the wort from the Safety Stout!

Come check out our limited 22 oz bottles from the "Liquid Art" series throughout the year.  Our first one off the line is Chicken Leg Oatmeal Stout.  We filled these by hand just like the old homebrew days and they are tasting awesome!

Philly, Staches and Beer

We recently visited Philadelphia to watch the Eagles in a tough defeat against the Dolphins.  This annual trip started out in FDR Park where we did a little tailgating with Prime Stache Lager.  This light German inspired lager recently won a Silver Medal at the World Beer Championships so please visit our friends at 2nd and Chestnut and get your Stache wet with their house beer.  We were also honored to do a Firkin night at Standard Tap in Northern Liberties last Wednesday.  The Laydown Stay Down dry hopped with Chinook was a hit and tasted great; especially enjoying it at Standard Tap.  Philly has been treating us well.  

Roy and his West Chester Crew

Roy and his West Chester Crew

We've also been busy in the brewery working on all aspects of our Liquid Art.  Check out the new packaging!  It's really fun to go from the artist concept to the final product.  Pick up some liquid art in our new 6pks, 12pks and cases.  Lay Down Stay Down, our winter seasonal, is now bottled and ready to go.  Also don't forget to grab some bottles of the Gold Medal winner from the World Beer Championships Gobbler Lager for the holidays.  

With all of the recent demand we've been brewing around the clock and have needed a couple helping hands.  Brewer Khoi is always the man for the job.  It looks like he's ready for the holidays as least we think that's a snow man in the grain.  This mixture of oats, roasted, smoked and malted barely looks awesome and it's all going to turn into a delicious Ludwigs Revenge.  

Awards and Cows

Yup...I think she likes the grain.  Licking those chops!

This photo of Jesse, Roy and Chris was featured in the Public Opinion Local News for winning GOLD for MInd Your P's and Q's

We recently entered a couple of beers into competition with the World Beer Championships and here's what they had to say!  We were honored to take home a gold medal for Mind Your P's and Q's, two silvers for Lovitz Watermelon Lager and Ludwig's Revenge; and finally a bronze medal for Sour Hound.  

Also on our brewer blog we would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to farmer Howard Shearer.  Howard is our farmer that has picked up our spent grain since the company started.  Spent grain is malted barley, oats and wheat that was used to extract simple sugars for fermentation.  Once we are done with it we allow it to cool for 24 hours and then it becomes a tasty treat for Howard's cows.  Howard is retiring from the cow business and these pictures and  short video are a tribute to the man, the myth, the legend.  

This is the spent grain right after brewing and before the cows are allowed to feast on it.  This grain comes out of the Mash Tun at 150-160F and needs 24 hrs to cool off.

Breakfast.  Eating brewers grain.

Two of the finest cows

Outside and Inside the Brewery

We've been crazy busy with summer events and brewing that delicious beer.  A couple of weeks ago Roy-Pitz poured Watermelon Lager and Sour Hound at the Philadelphia Zoo BrewFest.  There's nothing like sharing a pint with a Tiger.  While we were in the city we stopped by to visit our friends at The Prime Stache at 110 Chestnut St to drop off their new pint glasses.  They came out great!!  

New pint glasses for our buddies over at the Prime Stache.  Go get your Stache wet with a Prime Stache Lager at 110 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Enjoying a pale lager with the big cats.

We're at the Philly Zoo pouring beer!

Good kitty

One of the guests at the Philly Zoo BeerFest

Once we got back to Chambersburg and into the brewery it was time to brew up some of our upcoming beers.  As the summer slowly slips away we will be moving on to our Fall seasonal brews including but not limited to Ichabod Crane's Midnight Ride and Gobbler Lager. 

Brew Chart for Ichabod's Midnight Ride

Ichabod Crane's Midnight Ride is a Belgium pumpkin spiced ale coming in at 7% ABV.  We use Trappist Ale yeast; a yeast strain isolated from the monks of Belgium and healthy amounts of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.  This beer is currently on tap at our Beer Stube; but also keep an eye out for a special release edition of barrel aged Ichabod's coming out in about a month.  We aged about 58 gallons in the same barrel that previously housed our Belgium Triple "Mind Your P's and Q's".  In fact there's still some barrel aged P's and Q's bombers available for sale and consumption.  We love experimenting with barrels and the beers that go into them take on a personality of their own.  We hope to see you at the Stube.  

Grain bill for Gobbler Lager

Chris and Ryan adding pumpkin to the mash tun for Ichabod's Midnight Ride.

Summer Update and Special Releases

We have been busy busy busy making as much Lovitz Watermelon Lager as we can.  This year (thanks to you guys) we are already on our 9th batch of this beer; compare that to last year when we only did 4 total.  Needless to say...that's a lot of melons.  Here's a couple of shots of the watermelon addition.  Keep on drinking it while it's still warm out and we will churn out a couple more batches.  

One of many buckets of watermelon puree that makes it's way into your beer.

Berto and Chris adding the melon.

Roy and Chris enjoying the new 6-pack/12-pack boxes and cases of Lovitz Watermelon Lager. Keep an eye out for our new packaging and updated branding!!

Luckily we haven't been too busy to continue our Liquid Art Series beers and to experiment with barrels.  Check out the pictures below showing the production of Schnozeberry Lager and Barrel Aged Sour Hound.  The Schnozeberry Lager is beer #5 in the Liquid Art Series rotation. This is a perfect Summer beer and is similar to our Lovitz Watermelon Lager but with a totally different fruit addition.  Blueberries dominate this refreshing German light lager; come grab the limited supply at the brewery.  

Lately we have been really getting into oak barrels and one of the first beers to fill a barrel is the Sour Hound.  The beer was able to pull out dry vinous and oaky flavors that takes an already complex kettle sour ale and creates something completely unique.  Stop by the Stube next Wednesday on July 1st and join the brewmasters as we release the Schnozeberry Lager and Barrel Aged Sour Hound!!!!!

Chris and Berto adding blueberry to the kettle for the Schnozberry Lager

Chris filling a used white wine oak barrel from California with our Sour Hound!!

Watermelons and Wine Barrels

It doesn't get much better than experimenting with freshly drained wine oak barrels and brewing your favorite beer Lovitz Watermelon Lager.  That is exactly what has been happening over at Roy-Pitz for the past couple of weeks.  This fresh fruit infused German lager will be available at the Stube by the 2nd week in May (if we don't sneak it out a little sooner) and will be offered for the first time ever in bottles!!!  We will make as much as we can but this beer will go fast so be sure to stock up on pints, growlers and bottles.  As always you can pick up our seasonal beer in variety cases as well.  Check out some pictures of the process and the packaging.

Rotz and Berto cutting up for watermelon for Lovitz Watermelon Lager

Fresh watermelons to be added to beer

New packaging for your favorite seasonal beers.  

Lots of grain from Germany.  Berto is bringing it down to the brewery so we can make it into Lovitz Watermelon Lager and Mind Your P's and Q's

Aww...Chef Sock getting into the brewing action; adding hops to Lovitz Watermelon Lager

This time of the year is also the when we are brewing one of our best "Liquid Art" series beers named Mind Your P's and Q's.  Our batch this year is tasting extremely well but still needs a week to mature so keep an eye out for the release in the 1st week of May.  This year we also spiced it up a bit by adding this Belgian Triple Hopped Triple to a fresh Chardonnay barrel.  Our hope is to extract vinous and oak flavors that will add complexity in the flavor and aroma.  In addition to this barrel we have added a Ludwig's Revenge Rauchbier to a Merlot barrel to accomplish the same goals of melding wine, oak and smokey beer!  Our barrel editions will be available in 22oz bombers at a time not yet decided.     

Chris Collier filling a white wine barrel with Mind Your P's and Q's

Roy is obviously excited to be filling a fresh Merlot oak barrel with Ludwig's Revenge.  Shout out to Mad Men too!

After a couple of beer fills in these barrels and once we feel the barrels are stripped of the wine and oak flavors we will dedicate them to our new sour project.  During the sour project these barrels will age up to three years.  We better get started!  Cheers.

A Couple New Brews and Fun in the Lab

Hey everyone; check out some new and cool pictures from the brewery!  We have been extremely busy recently brewing up some new beers and spending time in the lab getting to know our microorganisms.  So let's start with the new beers; first off is our classic American Double Pale Ale named Doc's Pale Ale. Doc's is extremely hop forward (especially for us) using one of the dankest hops in the industry called Columbus.  We use a liberal amount of Columbus in the flame out and also age and dry hop for several days.  This results in a very floral aroma and crisp hop finish.  This beer will go very FAST so go to the Stube and come get your growlers filled as soon as possible.  Doc's will be out this week!!

Docs Pale Ale grain!  Oats in the middle and barley sneaking in on the side.

Docs Pale Ale grain!  Oats in the middle and barley sneaking in on the side.

Wort (sugar water) from Prime Stache Lager slowly making it's way into the kettle to be hopped and boiled.

Wort (sugar water) from Prime Stache Lager slowly making it's way into the kettle to be hopped and boiled.

Our 2nd new beer is completely brand new.  We have recently partnered with the Prime Stache in Old City, Philadelphia which is owned by our buddy and tight end of the Philadelphia Eagles, Brent Celek, to do a year round house beer.  The Prime Stache Lager is a hybrid between a German and American Lager and has a crisp hop flavor to add a little more excitement and taste to this malt forward refreshing light lager.  This unique beer will always be available at 110 Chestnut St along with other Roy Pitz products for the entire year going forward.  Please check them out and support our friends over at Prime Stache.  You can also grab a pint at the Stube every once in a while when we keep a keg for ourselves.

Wort (sugar water) being created and showing us a level in the Mash Tun.

Wort (sugar water) being created and showing us a level in the Mash Tun.

Looks like brew day!  Once the kettle is in a rolling boil we lose a little bit of product in the form of steam.

Looks like brew day!  Once the kettle is in a rolling boil we lose a little bit of product in the form of steam.

And then there was FUN IN THE LAB!  We have really been learning a lot in the lab recently including preparing sterile plates and slants, isolating pure cultures of yeast and bacteria, growing dregs from bottles (What are dregs???  It's the yeast and bacteria sitting at the bottom of a bottle), and beginning to age beer in barrels.  Using a lab is one of the hardest, most rewarding and important aspects in a brewery.  As we continue to grow as a company so too will our microorganisms and our lab.

A pure culture of yeast plated out and stored.  This will stay viable for at least 3 months to a year and we can actually brew with this after propagation!

A pure culture of yeast plated out and stored.  This will stay viable for at least 3 months to a year and we can actually brew with this after propagation!

Yeast and bacteria dregs being propagated on a stir plate.  The microorganisms multiply and become more healthy preparing them for fermentation.

Yeast and bacteria dregs being propagated on a stir plate.  The microorganisms multiply and become more healthy preparing them for fermentation.

Honey Sucker Pils

We are ready for Spring.  How about you?  Come over to the Stube to check out our Spring seasonal which is being released early.  This year due to popular demand the Honey Sucker Pilsner has been brewed to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  This German lager has smooth aromas and flavors of honey, clove, cream, orange and vanilla.  We use imported German ingredients for the malts and hops making it taste like an authentic German pilsner.  The quick hoppy bite at the end is balanced by malty sweetness and local orange blossom honey which also kicks up the alcohol a small percentage.

"Boiling" a lot of honey to sterilize it before cooling and adding it to the fermenting young beer.  What an amazing aroma!

Check out the new artwork done by William Hemsley.

Keep an eye out for this beer on draft in your local bars and at the Stube.  This beer will also be bottled this year for the first time ever and can be found at your local distributor in variety cases or 6 packs at the brewery.  Come check us out at the Stube and take some home with you.  Cheers.

The barley and oats that made the Honey Sucker Pils

Chicken Leg Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Roy with cocoa nibs, Nate with the chocolate, Chris with the beer

Stop into the brewery to get our latest one-off batch from our Liquid Art series; Chicken Leg Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.  This beer is black in color with a thick tan head giving off aromas of chocolate, roasted coffee and spice.  After fermentation we age the stout on cocoa nibs from Nathan Miller Chocolate which he originally sourced from Ghana!  Join us this Wednesday on the 28th of January when we release this beer at the Stube.

Nathan Miller cocoa nibs

Roasted malt! Adding color and flavor to the stout

Chris adding cocoa nibs to the Chicken Leg Oatmeal Stout

Barley in the mash

More NIBS!!