We are coming out with two new beers: the Dark Horse Dunkelweissen and Sour Peaches.  Check out some of our pictures.

Dark Horse fermenting away.  This tank did it's job well!

Chris kegging the Dark Horse...it's galloping right into the kegs

Dark Horse shamelessly plugging our new sweatshirts!!

The Dark Horse is on tap TODAY and is a dark German wheat beer with flavors and aromas of roasted chocolate, banana, spice and everything nice.

The Sour Peach is a new beer that we created by blending 1/3 Lone Solider Sour with 2/3 Peach  Lager.  This beer was inspired and is dedicated to our local customers.  People are always mixing beers at the Stube and this one came out great; so we mixed it up for you.  We are letting it lager and she should be ready in about a week.  Cheers