Yup...I think she likes the grain.  Licking those chops!

This photo of Jesse, Roy and Chris was featured in the Public Opinion Local News for winning GOLD for MInd Your P's and Q's

We recently entered a couple of beers into competition with the World Beer Championships and here's what they had to say!  We were honored to take home a gold medal for Mind Your P's and Q's, two silvers for Lovitz Watermelon Lager and Ludwig's Revenge; and finally a bronze medal for Sour Hound.  

Also on our brewer blog we would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to farmer Howard Shearer.  Howard is our farmer that has picked up our spent grain since the company started.  Spent grain is malted barley, oats and wheat that was used to extract simple sugars for fermentation.  Once we are done with it we allow it to cool for 24 hours and then it becomes a tasty treat for Howard's cows.  Howard is retiring from the cow business and these pictures and  short video are a tribute to the man, the myth, the legend.  

This is the spent grain right after brewing and before the cows are allowed to feast on it.  This grain comes out of the Mash Tun at 150-160F and needs 24 hrs to cool off.

Breakfast.  Eating brewers grain.

Two of the finest cows