We are ready for Spring.  How about you?  Come over to the Stube to check out our Spring seasonal which is being released early.  This year due to popular demand the Honey Sucker Pilsner has been brewed to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  This German lager has smooth aromas and flavors of honey, clove, cream, orange and vanilla.  We use imported German ingredients for the malts and hops making it taste like an authentic German pilsner.  The quick hoppy bite at the end is balanced by malty sweetness and local orange blossom honey which also kicks up the alcohol a small percentage.

"Boiling" a lot of honey to sterilize it before cooling and adding it to the fermenting young beer.  What an amazing aroma!

Check out the new artwork done by William Hemsley.

Keep an eye out for this beer on draft in your local bars and at the Stube.  This beer will also be bottled this year for the first time ever and can be found at your local distributor in variety cases or 6 packs at the brewery.  Come check us out at the Stube and take some home with you.  Cheers.

The barley and oats that made the Honey Sucker Pils