It doesn't get much better than experimenting with freshly drained wine oak barrels and brewing your favorite beer Lovitz Watermelon Lager.  That is exactly what has been happening over at Roy-Pitz for the past couple of weeks.  This fresh fruit infused German lager will be available at the Stube by the 2nd week in May (if we don't sneak it out a little sooner) and will be offered for the first time ever in bottles!!!  We will make as much as we can but this beer will go fast so be sure to stock up on pints, growlers and bottles.  As always you can pick up our seasonal beer in variety cases as well.  Check out some pictures of the process and the packaging.

Rotz and Berto cutting up for watermelon for Lovitz Watermelon Lager

Fresh watermelons to be added to beer

New packaging for your favorite seasonal beers.  

Lots of grain from Germany.  Berto is bringing it down to the brewery so we can make it into Lovitz Watermelon Lager and Mind Your P's and Q's

Aww...Chef Sock getting into the brewing action; adding hops to Lovitz Watermelon Lager

This time of the year is also the when we are brewing one of our best "Liquid Art" series beers named Mind Your P's and Q's.  Our batch this year is tasting extremely well but still needs a week to mature so keep an eye out for the release in the 1st week of May.  This year we also spiced it up a bit by adding this Belgian Triple Hopped Triple to a fresh Chardonnay barrel.  Our hope is to extract vinous and oak flavors that will add complexity in the flavor and aroma.  In addition to this barrel we have added a Ludwig's Revenge Rauchbier to a Merlot barrel to accomplish the same goals of melding wine, oak and smokey beer!  Our barrel editions will be available in 22oz bombers at a time not yet decided.     

Chris Collier filling a white wine barrel with Mind Your P's and Q's

Roy is obviously excited to be filling a fresh Merlot oak barrel with Ludwig's Revenge.  Shout out to Mad Men too!

After a couple of beer fills in these barrels and once we feel the barrels are stripped of the wine and oak flavors we will dedicate them to our new sour project.  During the sour project these barrels will age up to three years.  We better get started!  Cheers.