We have been busy busy busy making as much Lovitz Watermelon Lager as we can.  This year (thanks to you guys) we are already on our 9th batch of this beer; compare that to last year when we only did 4 total.  Needless to say...that's a lot of melons.  Here's a couple of shots of the watermelon addition.  Keep on drinking it while it's still warm out and we will churn out a couple more batches.  

One of many buckets of watermelon puree that makes it's way into your beer.

Berto and Chris adding the melon.

Roy and Chris enjoying the new 6-pack/12-pack boxes and cases of Lovitz Watermelon Lager. Keep an eye out for our new packaging and updated branding!!

Luckily we haven't been too busy to continue our Liquid Art Series beers and to experiment with barrels.  Check out the pictures below showing the production of Schnozeberry Lager and Barrel Aged Sour Hound.  The Schnozeberry Lager is beer #5 in the Liquid Art Series rotation. This is a perfect Summer beer and is similar to our Lovitz Watermelon Lager but with a totally different fruit addition.  Blueberries dominate this refreshing German light lager; come grab the limited supply at the brewery.  

Lately we have been really getting into oak barrels and one of the first beers to fill a barrel is the Sour Hound.  The beer was able to pull out dry vinous and oaky flavors that takes an already complex kettle sour ale and creates something completely unique.  Stop by the Stube next Wednesday on July 1st and join the brewmasters as we release the Schnozeberry Lager and Barrel Aged Sour Hound!!!!!

Chris and Berto adding blueberry to the kettle for the Schnozberry Lager

Chris filling a used white wine oak barrel from California with our Sour Hound!!