We've been crazy busy with summer events and brewing that delicious beer.  A couple of weeks ago Roy-Pitz poured Watermelon Lager and Sour Hound at the Philadelphia Zoo BrewFest.  There's nothing like sharing a pint with a Tiger.  While we were in the city we stopped by to visit our friends at The Prime Stache at 110 Chestnut St to drop off their new pint glasses.  They came out great!!  

New pint glasses for our buddies over at the Prime Stache.  Go get your Stache wet with a Prime Stache Lager at 110 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Enjoying a pale lager with the big cats.

We're at the Philly Zoo pouring beer!

Good kitty

One of the guests at the Philly Zoo BeerFest

Once we got back to Chambersburg and into the brewery it was time to brew up some of our upcoming beers.  As the summer slowly slips away we will be moving on to our Fall seasonal brews including but not limited to Ichabod Crane's Midnight Ride and Gobbler Lager. 

Brew Chart for Ichabod's Midnight Ride

Ichabod Crane's Midnight Ride is a Belgium pumpkin spiced ale coming in at 7% ABV.  We use Trappist Ale yeast; a yeast strain isolated from the monks of Belgium and healthy amounts of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.  This beer is currently on tap at our Beer Stube; but also keep an eye out for a special release edition of barrel aged Ichabod's coming out in about a month.  We aged about 58 gallons in the same barrel that previously housed our Belgium Triple "Mind Your P's and Q's".  In fact there's still some barrel aged P's and Q's bombers available for sale and consumption.  We love experimenting with barrels and the beers that go into them take on a personality of their own.  We hope to see you at the Stube.  

Grain bill for Gobbler Lager

Chris and Ryan adding pumpkin to the mash tun for Ichabod's Midnight Ride.