Recently we have been brewing up some new and unique beers.  Here's some pictures and a quick video; even though the video has nothing to do with the beers it still involves a Sour Hound.  Right now we are working on one of our biggest beers ever; the Underground Safety Stout, an Imperial Stout made with all English barley and brown sugar.  Coming in at 10.5% abv this big beer will definitely warm you up and protect you from the winter weather.  We've also brewed our first two batches of Honey Sucker Pilsner and are currently letting them mature in our conditioning tanks.  It's tasting great and will be ready for Spring.  

Roy and brewery hound Barley having a catch

Grain in the Mash

Cooking some honey

Spent grain from Underground Safety Stout

Brewer Chris sampling the wort from the Safety Stout!

Come check out our limited 22 oz bottles from the "Liquid Art" series throughout the year.  Our first one off the line is Chicken Leg Oatmeal Stout.  We filled these by hand just like the old homebrew days and they are tasting awesome!