Some great beers are being created as you're reading this; slowly going through fermentation and converting simple sugars into complex flavors and alcohol.  We're really excited this year to already have Mind Your P's and Q's packaged and available to the public and also to be brewing the one and only Lovitz Watermelon Lager.  Mind Your P's and Q's is brewed with Trappist ale yeast that comes from a monastery in Belgium and hops that we get from our good buddies over at Troegs Brewing Co.  These Saaz hops are the freshest and most traditional that Czech Republic has to offer lending a beer that is crisp, hoppy, refreshing, fruity and dry all at the same time.  This 7.5% abv beer is available at the Stube on draft and in 22oz. bomber bottles.  Come and get em.

Mind Your P's & Q's 22 oz. Bombers! Come and get them at the Stube.

Every year when we start brewing the Lovitz Watermelon Lager we always search high and low for melon cutting volunteers.  This year we've been able to capture Sarah Bay, Andrew Jones, Nate Richards and a few more.  There's plenty more to be sliced this year as we are just getting started.  We hand cut and puree A LOT of watermelon for every batch of beer and this year is no exception!  This beer will condition in our lagering tanks for a couple more weeks and then it's all yours.

Honest John helping organize some melons

This is the puree we create by hand

Watermelon puree added to the kettle!

And what's a brewers blog without a short video.  Here we are bringing the melon into the brewery.  This is a little behind the scenes action before the melons are added to the beer!