The Roy-Pitz crew has been searching high and low for some of the best locally grown hops.  We were amazed at the quality of hops that South Central PA can provide including varieties like Zeus, Columbus and Cascade.  We would like to thank the farmers and planters out there and in particular Brad Whitsel of Siloam Seasons; an absolutely beautiful property that can be used for weddings, parties, disc golf and of course growing hops. Also a shout out in Greencastle to Albert Edward Hops.  These guys have the best Zeus hops around and also have an innovative drying system to lower the moisture in hops and get them prepared for brewing.  The harvest of these local hops mark the time of the year when we come out with a very unique beer called The Black Spot Lager.  This German style dark and hoppy lager crosses the boundaries of several different styles of beers.  It's grain gives it a dark roasted malt backbone but has a beautiful clean lager finish.  This beer is also abnormally hopped with local wet hops and then dry hopped in our hop back.  Black Spot will be available on tap at the Beer Stube this Friday so come give it a try and let the farmers and brewers know what you think!  Here's some of the pictures at the different hop farms.  Check them out.

Roy, Chris and Khoi.  Boxtruck, Latter and Standing.  @ Brad Whitsel; Siloam Seasons

Chris and Roy finding some good hop cones.

Siloam Seasons.

Sun beaming in on the hops

Regular hop cone vs. Khoi's monster hop cone that he found.  He caught the biggest fish that day.

Albert Edward Hops.  These are Zeus Hops

Stefan has mastered the art of the hop trellis

Drying Station.  Lowering the moisture content of hops

Drying the cones off to prevent any mold from growing.  They smell great.

Local hops in the kettle.  They will be boiled in here for 60 minutes to extract the oils and acids locked inside the hop cone.