Every bear seeks out a bee hive full of honey after its hibernation, but not every bear finds the jackpot.  Don't be that bear!  Come to Roy-Pitz - we've got you covered.  We are on the brink of releasing two of our favorite honey beers, our spring seasonal Honey Sucker Pilsner and our Liquid Art Two Timing Dutch Honey Double IPA.  Check out some of our photos to bring these amazing honey beers to life.  

Brewer Chris mashing in for Dutch Double Honey DIPA

One thing we have to do with the honey is get it prepared for brewing.  Sometimes we add honey to the fermentation vessel and sometimes we add it directly to the boiling kettle.  Either way we need to get it sterile so that only brewers yeast can turn the honey into CO2 and alcohol.  The weapon of choice for us is always HEAT.  

Cooking honey and water to sanitize everything and get it ready for fermentation. 

Orange Blossom Honey being added to our cooker.  

For Dutch Double Honey DIPA we go another step past the honey addition.  After this beer has been mashed, boiled, fermented and honey added we dry hop the heck out of it.  Dry hopping is the process of aging/adding hops to a finished beer.  This adds that dank hop aroma and flavor that American IPA's have become famous for.  Our process takes about 10 hours to fill the hop torpedo with American hops and then circulate the beer through the hop back for hours on end.  During this process the beer turns green and absorbs hop oils and acids.

Dry Hop Torpedo; clean and ready to be loaded with hops.

Spent hops!!!  After Berto dry hopped the Dutch Double.  The aroma is intense.

Lastly it's time for us to package the beer and get it to YOU the customer.  Today we ran around 3,000 bottles of Honey Sucker through our bottling line and hand packaged them in our 6 packs and cases.  It does sound like a lot of bottles but they will go fast.  These bottles can be found at your local beer distributor or as always available at the Stube.  Dutch Honey can be found on draft or in 22 oz bombers at the Stube begining February 24th.  Cheers.

Tower and Honey Sucker.  Come grab your own 6 pack and take it home.

First bottle and full glass off of the bottling line.

Two Timing bottles prepared for filling.