This Brett IPA is a relatively new style to the craft beer scene.  It combines the best of both worlds, a fruity aromatic American IPA and the use of the exotic and funky yeast brettanomyces.  

This beer is made similarly to the way we brew our IPAs, getting a large dose of hops during boiling and after fermentation, however when it comes to fermenting this beer we use a house brettanomyces strain.  This unique strain was captured by brewers at Roy-Pitz right outside of the brewery in Chambersburg, PA.  After months of positive test results we then isolated and propagated this strain from a single cell to our work horse yeast strain in this bone dry fruity and hop forward ale.  After terminal gravity this beer is dry hopped with a blend of 2lbs per BBL Citra and Amarillo hops.  This beer is then transported to The Barrel House in Philadelphia and transferred into our stainless steel tank or foeders for aging, conditioning, carbonating and packaging.  This beer is golden in color and has 5.5%ABV.