• The Stube (map)
  • 140 north Third St
  • Chambersburg, PA 17201

Join us for Team Trivia every Tuesday at 7pm!! We have 2 rounds of 10 questions each. First round is worth 1 point per question. Second round is worth 2 points per question. There is a 5 minute break between the two rounds. There will be a bonus question at the end where you can wager your points accumulated.

Remember Team Trivia is for fun! Enjoy your beer, food, and company while testing your knowledge. Here are some house rules:

1. Maximum of 8 people per team

2. 1 Table per team. Tables are not to be rearranged or put together

3. No Cell phones. Phones need to be place in the basket provided on your table. If caught using your phone your team will be deducted a point. You can use your cell during break.

4. All questions are taken from a published trivia book. If there is a discrepancy with any questions we default to the answer in the book

5. No unsportsmanlike conduct towards other teams, patrons, or staff

6. In case of a tie after the bonus question there will be one tie breaker. If still tied after that the $20 gift card will be split between the teams

7. Two minutes for each answer and 3 minutes for the bonus question answer. All answers must be turned in by the time given or it doesn't count and results in a zero

Have fun and thanks for playing Team Trivia at Roy-Pitz!