• The Beer Stube (map)
  • 140 North Third Street
  • Chambersburg, PA 17201

T-Six--guitar/vocals, Anna D. Roja--guitar/vocals, Col. Steve--bass, Cousin Billy--Harmonica/vocals, Jeff-ro--drums.

"Let me have a Diablo Sandwich & a Dr. Pepper and make it fast...I'm in a God-damn hurry!" 
Truck Drivin' music from Hell: A heapin' helpin' o' Hillbilly music. 
We ain't tryin' to reinvent the wheel... 
It's Psycho-billy-Country music, raw and real, the way it's supposed to be. 
Songs about God and the Devil, whiskey, war, whores, killin'...and the end of the world. 
We ain't "one foot in the grave" carnival style Country, and we sure as shit don't play any "nu-country". 
We don't take old country songs and "rock 'em out" ala Metallica either. 
We don't rap and except for Miss Anna, we don't wear make-up. 
Think of us as Hee-Haw from Hell...with a lot of music and quite a few laughs thrown in...just dial BR-666.