Laydown Stay Down, otherwise known as LSD is our Belgian Style Strong Ale. The origins of the LSD date back to a voyage abroad in 2006 as invited guests of a Dutch Trappist Monastery. Walking through the Estate we saw first hand the monks' self sustaining and simple lifestyle. As we toured the monasteries' church, farm, garden, bakery, and brewery we drank a variety of strong, complex, and delicious Trappist ales.  The euphoric affects of these medieval high octane brews knocked our socks off and inspired the creation of this Quadruple Style Strong Ale. After several fermentations, dark fruit flavors, spice, figs, toasted plum and nuts from the malt and yeast intertwine with the sweetness of the Belgian candy sugar to strike a perfect balance with the spicy bitterness of the European hops. Don’t be fooled, for the strongest beer in our portfolio has an astonishing drinkability and a reputation that speaks for itself. LSD is brewed for winter celebrations and hibernations so lay back, take a trip and enjoy the ride.

  • ABV: 9%
  • O.G.: 1.082
  • Suggested Temperature: 45 F
  • Suggested Serving Glass: Belgian Style Chalice
  • Suggested Food Pairing: Spicy Meats, Seafood, and mild cheeses