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Liquid Art


Liquid Art


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2016 Liquid art series Specialties and House Beers

Liquid Art #1: Chicken Leg Oatmeal Stout - Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Made With 11 Different Malts, lactose and cocoa powder - ABV: 5% (Late December)

Liquid Art #2: Underground Safety Stout - Imperial Stout - ABV: 11% (Early February)

Liquid Art #3: Doc's Pale Ale - German/British Hybrid Hopped Up Pale Ale - ABV: 5.5% (Early March)

Liquid Art #4: Mind Your P's and Q's - Belgian Style IPA - ABV: 7.5% (Early April)

Liquid Art #5: Saison Imperial - Belgian Style Imperial Saison - ABV: 8.5% (May)

Liquid Art #6: Summer Palm Plum - English Style Mild brewed with Red and Black Plums - ABV: 5.5% (June)

Liquid Art #7: Two Timing Dutch Honey IPA - American Double IPA brewed with Local Honey - ABV: 9.5% (Early August)

Liquid Art #8: Black Spot Hoppy Lager- American Dry Hopped Dark Lager - ABV: 6% (Early October)

Liquid Art #9: Capt'n Bill's Barley Wine - American Barley Wine - ABV: 11% (Late November)

Yearly when available and at Gary Owens Irish Pub (Gettysburg): Stubborn Prig Porter- Irish Style Smoked Porter - ABV: 6.2%

Yearly when available and at Prime Stache (Philadelphia): Prime Stache Lager - German Style Light Lager - ABV: 3.8%

House Beer Summer: Falling Spring Lager - German Style Helles Lager - ABV: 5.2%

Be on the look out for some new Funk/Sour Beers in limited 22 oz bombers and on tap as well as our wine aging series of beers in the Summer of 2016.





Where to find our beer


Where to find our beer

See below for Roy Pitz distributors across PA, MD, DC and WV.  Due to peak freshness, and continually changing inventory, availability of Roy-Pitz is continually changing.  Check with distributor for the latest availability.  To update your listing, email us your location, hours, website at and we'll gladly update your listing.