Liquid Art Series

Monthly Specialties

Farmer’s Maple Breakfast Stout - (Nitro Breakfast Coffee Stout) - January

Two Timing Dutch Honey IPA - (Double Honey IPA) - February, August, December

Berlina Blue - (German Berliner Weiss) - March

Mind Your P’s and Q’s - (Belgian IPA) - April

Das Pretzel Gose - (German Pretzel Infused Gose) - May

Doc's Pale Ale - (American Dry Hopped Pale Ale) - May

Frolf the Farm Saison - (French Saison) - June

Country Creek Strawberry Kolsch - (German Strawberry Kölsch) - July

Heavens to Betsy IPA - (Apricot/Peach Session IPA) - September

Pintail Pale - (Nitro Belgian Pale Ale) - October

Schwietz Bier Dark Lager - (German Schwatz Bier) - November

Nice Dreams Series


Captured Culpbrett - American Brett IPA

Nice Dreams #1 - Blended Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Strawberries