Ryan Richards (Roy) and Jesse Rotz (Pitz), friends since the age of six, met each other in the 1st grade and grew up together in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Their journey lead the two from grade school at Corpus Christi to their graduation from The Siebel Brewing Institute located in Chicago and Germany in 2006, a friendship formed over 20 plus years. Since its inception, Roy-Pitz Brewing Co. has won 23 medals at The World Beer Championships held in Chicago in recognition of their Liquid Art.  Roy-Pitz partners their passion for Liquid Art with artists of all types; sharing their culture and brand across the arts, music, sports, hobbies and activities. In addition to the Roy-Pitz Brewery and Pub located in Chambersburg and our Barrel House in Philadelphia, you can find a variety of Liquid Art throughout Pennsylvania.