A beer for every occasion, with aromas of roasted caramel and toasted marshmallow hitting the nose from the three hand selected European barleys that carefully intertwine to create a bouquet of toasted caramel goodness. A light sprinkling of smooth traditional English and American Hops give the beer some real character and a pleasant floral fragrance. The light finish comes from the soft water we use from our local water supply which is untreated and unfiltered by the brewery. This beer was inspired by Chambersburg's 1818 "Old Jail" that is one of the few structures to have survived the burning of Chambersburg by Confederate Forces in 1864. The jail also served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. These ingredients brought together provide a uniquely hand crafted brew. The flavor and body of a well formulated craft ale and the easy going finish of a pale lager. "For every beer drinker there is a specific beer, but this is a specifically designed beer for every beer drinker!"

  • ABV: 5%
  • O.G.: 1.051
  • Suggested Temperature: 38 F
  • Suggested Serving Glass: Basic Ale Pint Glass
  • Suggested Food Pairing: Hearty stews and soups, chili, lighter pub fare (i.e sandwiches), caramel chocolates and truffles.