A PARTNERSHIP between Roy-Pitz and the prime stache, philadelphia

Prime Stache and Roy-Pitz Brewing Co have partnered to come up with an original house beer called Prime Stache Lager.  When we first reached out to Prime Stache we wanted to target a beer to their design and desire.  After working closely with Sean Glines and Brent Celek we all decided to make an extremely drinkable light craft beer.  We wanted the general public to find it really approachable but we also wanted to be able to crush it when the Eagles and Flyers win and need a place to after-party.  We look forward to our continued partnership and we are big supporters of Philadelphia sports.  Get your stache wet at 110 Chestnut st. and GO BIRDS!

Tasting Notes

Minutely hazy light dusty light color. Bright, buttery, attractive clean creamy aromas and flavors of roasted corn, toasted nuts, and citrus and pear with a satiny, bright, effervescent, dryish light-to-medium body and a tingling, refreshing, medium-long dried banana, radish sprouts, nuts, and grass finish. A nice crisp helles.