Light brown with reddish hues and aromas of dried fruit, apple, tea, cola, and toasted oak. The layering of German specialty malts relinquish flavors that include cherry walnut, caramel, and chocolate. Aged hops added in the boil protect the beer and add a tea like earthiness. Flaked oats provide a creamy thickness and toasted oak chips give it a charred woody profile to round out the finish. The unique souring process during the brew provides a refreshing tartness that intertwines nicely with the oak and malt flavors.

  • ABV: 5.0%
  • O.G.: 1.049
  • Suggested Temperature: 36 F
  • Suggested Serving Glass: Pint or Tulip
  • Suggested Food Pairing: Belgian waffles, mussels, duck, frites, fennel and apple salad.